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Choose us for redelivery services.

At Skyline Transportation Inc., we offer redelivery services from our warehouse in Knoxville, Tennessee. We offer short-term storage options that include trailer storage, light warehousing, and load swinging from trailer to trailer.

Redelivery in Knoxville, Tennessee

Do you need the load dropped off and delivered to your customer later? We have you covered! Your freight can be offloaded at our Knoxville facility for storage or redelivery at a later date to anywhere in the Southeast or Midwest.

We can coordinate with the shipper or consignee to redirect the shipment or reschedule the delivery attempt. We will make sure proper communication occurs between all parties involved to minimize disruptions and ensure an effective solution.

We have provided logistics and transportation services throughout Knoxville and the rest of the country since 1954. With our services, you can rest easy knowing your shipments will get to the right place at the right time. It is always our goal to exceed the expectations of our customers with our on-time delivery and excellent customer service.

FAQs About Our Redelivery Services

If you need redelivery services for your operation, count on us at Skyline Transportation Inc. to exceed your expectations. Below, we have answered a few common questions we receive about our redelivery services.

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What short-term storage options do you offer?

We offer several short-term storage options, including trailer storage, light warehousing, and load swinging from trailer to trailer. Let us know which of these short-term storage options you are interested in when you contact us about redelivery.

Can I drop off my load at your Knoxville facility?

Yes! You can offload your freight at our facility in Knoxville for storage and then schedule redelivery to your customer at a later date.

What will you do to reschedule the delivery attempt?

We can work with the consignee or the shipper to change the shipment and reschedule an attempt for delivery. We will work with all parties involved to find an effective solution and to minimize disruptions during the transportation process.

Why should I choose you for redelivery services?

Since 1954, we have provided highly effective, reliable logistics and transportation services to a broad customer base. Partner with us and you can feel confident that your shipments will go to the right place at the right time.

How do I learn more?

If you are interested in our redelivery services, reach out to us directly! We are happy to tell you more about the redelivery options we offer and help you improve your operation’s logistics.